Frequently Asked Questions

Locations & Hours

We are open 24 hours/day at all locations except Atlanta, GA and Minot, ND.

Please see our list of locations on this website. You can also find location information on our locator app.

For most services, yes. However, due to temperatures and time of day we do limit some services. Please see individual location information for specifics.

Truck Wash Services

Our most commonly used prices can be found on our standard services page. For more specific pricing information on your equipment please contact us.

Fleet Accounts

Yes, however most customers find the controls and convenience provided by a fleet account are most beneficial if you have five or more vehicles.

Visit our Fleet page on this website.

RV + Motor Home Services

Our Motor Home pricing information can be found here. For more specific pricing information please contact us.

Yes - for the appropriate additional charge.

We apologize but due to safety concerns we do not wash the roofs of RV/Motor Home units. We do rinse them.


Thank you for your interest in Blue Beacon Truck Washes.

Regretfully, we do not franchise. Due to strict government requirements on waste water disposal, safety and insurance regulations, and the difficulty of maintaining consistency in a non-company owned store, all Blue Beacons are company owned and operated.

We do appreciate you thinking of us, and thank you for your interest in our company. If we can be of further help, or if you have information about a good site, please contact us.

We are more than happy to help! Contact Us for any additional information.

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